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Back to the roots. Kampier moved.

For six years we lived and worked in an area where other people were going for holidays – in lovely Upper Bavaria.

The time had come to pack things up again and move, back to our own roots. We had always emphasized on using regional materials and sustainability and at the same time we our own family is hundreds of kilometers away from us. This just didn’t feel right anymore.

So from now on the Kampier products are coming from Hessen.

The „Schöne Eiche“ and our oak strips

Schöne Eiche bei Harreshausen
Quelle: Isaak Blum „Die Pyramideneiche bei Harreshausen (Grossherzogtum Hessen)“ in „Bericht über die Senckenbergische naturforschende Gesellschaft in Frankfurt am Main, 1895, p. 92-102.“

Our „new“ home isn’t noteworthy for its outstanding landscape, like the one found at the foothills of the alps. However, in our new place we have a different specialty: the so-called „Schöne Eiche“, which translates into „pretty oak“. This „Schöne Eiche“ counts as the mother of all stem- or pyramid-oaks in north and middle europe and it is supposed to have an age of more than 500 years.

After the discovery in the 17th century the seeds were traded  across boundaries as a botanical rarity.

So what is this now all about the Kampierstuhl? The stem oak is the most common oak tree in middle europe so we might draw the conclusion that the origin of our Kampier oak strips might as well come from this „pretty oak“…?! So in this spirit „back to the roots“. 😉

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