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Kampierstuhl und Hocker mit Lammfell vor Kamin

Delightful for winter time. Our pleasure to present.

The design of a Kampierstuhl which would stand out in winter time. We went on a search for hides that come from national tanneries, of course tanned in an environmental friendly manner.

The Kampierstuhl with lambskin. Traditionally tanned, from Souther German merino sheep.

First we discovered a Demeter farm in our region that had East Frisian milk sheep, whose long haired fur provided a nice warm Haaren ein richtig warmes cushion. We’ve been testing this model for a couple of weeks now and we can confirm: Our backsides are kept warm wonderfully and it’s like sitting on clouds.

We continued our research and discovered that the fur from merino sheep is the densest and softest available. So we decided to try this as well. Again we were succesfull in Southern Germany, a shepherd with merino sheep!

The lambskin is incredibly soft with very fine fur, providing a cozy warm seating cushion.

The skins are traditionally tanned with alum tannage, which will keep the natural colour of the fur while the skin becomes white. The lambskins shouldn’t be washed. Airing the skin in the moist evening air enhances the self-cleaning and brings fresh shine. The fur can be combed if needed.

With this seating we use a canvas underlayer which is elaborately sewn with the lambskin to prevent shifting of the skin and achieving tear-resistance.

Sitting in our Kampierstuhl with lambskin is like „Sitting on clouds“.

The Kampierstuhl with our exclusive lambskin seating, following the design of the Tripolina Folding Chair, is exclusively available at Ökofaktum Online-Shop.

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