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Kampierstuhl ecru am See vor Bergen
Kampierstuhl Stoff Dreierset vor Bergen
Kampierstuhl Dreierset wie in Modeleisenbahn
Kampierstuhl mit Gestell aus Esche und blauem Segeltuch auf einer Bergterasse im Format w1000h350
Kampierstuhl grün/weiß gestreift im Schilf
Kampierstuhl Gestelle gefaltet und gestapelt
Logo Kampier auf Edelstahlbeschlag
Tripolina Kampierstuhl aus Segeltuch olivgrün
Tripolina Kampierstuhl aus Leder
Tripolina Gestell gefaltet
Dreierset Tripolina - Kampierstuhl Stoff in Halle
Dreierset Tripolina - Kampierstuhl in Halle nebeneinander
Kampierstuhl und Hocker mit Nackenleder Farbe terra vor Kamin - Format w1000h350
Kampierstuhl und Hocker mit Lammfell vor Kamin im Format w1000h350
Modell mit Cardigan im Kampierstuhl - Format w1000h350

Who we are and how everything started…

We are a small team that had made the decision some time ago to take matters into our own hands. And of importance to us is the appreciation of local hand craft and respect to nature, happiness at work, social justness, less resp. conscious consumption and a world with less plastics.

We must admit, we are proud to present our Kampierstuhl to you. How this all happened is a story we would like to tell to you:

A chair for travel? Light enough to carry, small to pack? Comfortable and robust? Pretty to look at, no plastics or synthetics… and not produced in China?

Tripolina Gestell ZeichnungThese were our desires when we were looking for suitable seeting devices for our travels. We found nothing.

One day however, we saw an old wooden folding chair in an old villa Tripolina Gestell Zeichnung 2and it turned out that it had been found in the attic after the villa had been bought. The history of the folding chair was unknown. This was exactly the kind of camp chair that we had been searching for in the past years so we took the chance and asked for permision to reverse engineer the design.


We were so enthused about the unbelievable simple looking design that we decided to manufacture a small batch series of those wooden folding chairs. It didn’t turn out to be so simple after all as the compact folding design was dependend on the accuracy of less than a millimeter. We had to invest some thinking and spend a few prototypes to get it perfectly done and start series production. Kampierstuhl CAD Seitenansicht
By that time we started to believe that such a design couldn’t possibly be unknown in the world. We assumed that we were rather holding a classic in our hands, but no one in our surroundings had ever seen that design. K_Logo_1__aus_3d_Zeichnung (2)_opt(1)Until that day when a friend told us that he had owned such a wooden folding chair in the 1980s. It then still took a whole while until we discovered the origins of the chair.

Fenby folding chair – Tripolina

Theodore Roosevelt im Tripolina beim Lesen
Alfred Percival Maudslay sitting in Tripolina chair, interior of southern chamber, Casa de Monjas at Chichen Itza, 1889
Quelle: Wikipedia

We then learned that our wooden folding chair (which at that time we had already named Kampierstuhl) had been invented and patented in 1881 by the english engineer John Beverly Fenby. The Fenby folding chair became later known under the name Tripolina when it was manufactured in Tripolis, Libya.  It is also told that the Tripolina camp chair is reckoned to be the ancestor or source of inspiration for the more famous Butterfly Chair or Bat Chair.

Patentzeichnung Fenby Folding Chair Tripolina - US244216
Quelle: United States Patent and Trademark Office

We decided to revive this old design and believe that we got much more than a sturdy camp chair. Our Kampierstuhl is sturdy yet lightweight, it looks cool and is comfortable to sit in and it is practical. And because it is so pretty, we also use it indoors!

Since all of our manufacturing is happening in Germany we were looking for a German word that expressed all the attributes of our chair, a word that could also resemble our brand. This is how we came across the term Kampier.

By now we have extended Kampier with a few more items. As a supplement to our Kampierstuhl we have developped the Kampierhocker, a stool which allows to comfortably rest ones legs and feet while sitting in our camp chair. This Kampier combination now almost has the character of a deck chair. Furthermore we could develop a multifunctional Kampiertisch, a table which of course is also foldable like our chair and stool.  (Further information for Kampierhocker and Kampiertisch can be found in the  category „Products“).

There you go: This is Kampier!

Genuine. Good. Pretty. Conscious. Natural. Contemporary.

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