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Tripolina Faltstuhl mit Nackenleder Sitzfläche vor Kamin

The seating of this Kampierstuhl is made from a 3.5 mm thick vegetable-tanned calf neck-leather, which is exclusively produced for us according to our specifications by a small old-established family owned tannery in northern Germany.

The Kampierstuhl with vegetable-tanned neck-leather

The tanning of  this high-quality exclusive leather is only done in small batches which app. takes 5 weeks. This is why the delivery times for these folding chairs are usually a little bit longer. The surface is individually structured by the neck folds. The edges of the leather seating are processed openly.

The leather is barrel-dyed without the use of heavy metals – which means that the colour has soaked into the leather and is not just covering the leather surface. We value the hide’s character and therefore don’t cover up natural marks (horn blows, flee stings, marks from barbed wire) with chemicals and synthetics. Therefore, every hide is individual. The original colour of the leather can change within time, the rapidness depending on its colour and the intensity of sun exposure.

The basis of the Kampierstuhl is a foldable frame from oiled oak strips. A total of 12 strips with different length, at a dimension of 12x24mm, make up one frame. High-quality stainless steel fittings with a total of 34 stainless steel screws are fixing the foldable frame, giving durability and flexibility. The screws are locked with self-locking nuts, which enables to simply exchange every single item of the folding chair.

Information about the Kampierstuhl-frame can be found at Kampierstuhl – Frame.

The Kampierstuhl with our exclusive high-quality neck-leather, following the design of the Tripolina Folding Chair, is exclusively available at Ökofaktum Online-Shop.

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