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Kampiertisch in niedriger Position mit Kampierstuhl

With the Kampiertisch we have developped a versatile piece of furniture, which is matched in size and function to our Kampierstuhl.

The Kampiertisch

The basis of the Kampiertisch is, like our Tripolina Kampierstuhl, a foldable frame made from oak or ash strips combined with stainless steel fittings. The roll-up table-top is made from 19 strips of wood, which are connected with a vintage looking tear-resistant polyhemp string. For transportation you can therefore simply roll up the table-top.

Two base strips, which can be locked at two different positions on the frame  are holding the table-top, thus making it possible to use the foldable table as a dining table when set to high or as a lounge table, when set to low. The base strips are fixed to the frame with leather straps and patent fasteners.

The base of the foldable table is identical with the Kampierhocker frame. Therefore the Kampiertisch-table-top can also be purchased seperately.

This wooden folding table is exclusively available at our Ökofaktum Online-Shop.

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